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Election 2024

Started by msmith, May 15, 2024, 09:36:40 AM

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How are the elections going in your area?



Hawks Feather

I live in a conservative area so everything is going the way I like. The state did redistrict the US Representative area and gave us a D from Toledo as our new representative. No one is happy about that especially me since my cousin is no longer my representative.


I lost a lot of faith in the elections after the least one. Now that they showed us what they can and will do, it's a pretty helpless feeling.
Not saying I wont vote. I will always vote. But it sure makes me ask myself why bother.
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Quote from: FinsnFur on May 16, 2024, 08:16:00 PMI lost a lot of faith in the elections after the least one. Now that they showed us what they can and will do, it's a pretty helpless feeling.
Not saying I wont vote. I will always vote. But it sure makes me ask myself why bother.

Ditto.  I live in WA State, the original crooked vote by mail state where they perfected the steal by mail. When news media throw in phrases like "claims of election fraud have been disproven; false claims of election fraud, etc" and glibly insert these biased opinions in the middle of "news" it just confirms to me how crooked the whole system is.  Anyone who does not at least acknowlege massive irregularities in the last election is either too naive to be credible or is in on the fix. 

In the year leading up to the last presidental election, states and federal election authorities kept changing the laws in ways that made fraud easier to do and harder to detect. It was blatant and in the open, with Covid sometimes used as an excuse. I was amazed that Trump nor almost anyone didn't call it cheating before the election.

 A few months before the election the main stream news reported that the US Postal Workers Union had endorsed Biden--- AND THEY ARE THE ONES COLLECTING THE BALLOTS!!!!!!!  At the very lowest and mildest level, that is conflict of interest.  In my suspicious mind, it would only take one or two strategically placed crooked postal workers to change the outcome of a whole city or county.

Nope, sadly, I don't have confidence in the election processs, especially at the State and Federal level.


I definitely don't have any faith in anything federal anymore. Fortunately, WV state elections are secure, probably the most secure in the US. Our Secretary of State cleaned house when he got elected and took thousands of dead people of the register. He secured the counties election processes and made it easy and secure for deployed military personnel to vote. When the election is canvassed, a group of peers, the county clerk's office, and the county commission pick a random voting precinct and compare every paper ballot with the computer, that is in no way connected to the internet, to ensure and prove that the software is correct and hasn't been tampered with. Then in every other precinct, we count every D ballot, every R ballot, and every Mountain ballot as well as any no partisan ballot, plus unused ballots and compare that with the computer tally. This ensures that every ballot cast was counted, and every unused ballot is accounted for and not hiding in a corner waiting to be cast later.

On a plus side here, the whole state has flipped from blue to red, blue counties are flipping to red, and my county now has more "No Party" voter than blue with 2/3 being red.

I also was able to squeak past 3 other candidates to be re-elected as county commissioner. Yay, I think lol



Wow.  Good for WV!  That kind of voter confirmation and checking is unthinkable in Washington.

I think we were the first state to go mail in voting, years ago.  When the Republican Senator won by a small margin, they had recount after recount, adding more Democrat votes each time until the Dem finally won, then they quit counting and gave the win to the Dem.  Each time the Republican would win a recount, the next day the election officials would say, "Oops, we just found several boxes of ballots we missed when we counted.  We have to add those in."  I know it sounds like I am making this up, but it exactly what happened, at least according to the liberal media.

The leftists Seattle newspaper wrote an editorial after the election that said, "We believe the election was honest, but if you wanted to make it look crooked, you could not do anything to make it look worse."

P.S. Congrats on your county commissioner win!