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Bronco Project

Started by msmith, May 16, 2024, 07:18:36 AM

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So about 3 years ago I purchased a 77 Bronco to play around with. It has been a lot of fun but every time I touch something to fix it, something else needs attention. Soooo, I finally decided to start from zero and fix everything.

Here she is in all her glory. So far I rebuilt the front Dana 44 with all new seals, gaskets, ring, pinion, carrier, axles. I replaced the whole suspension with a Duff 2.5" lift. The RAT 3 speed and Dana 20 are on the bench waiting to be rebuilt. The frame needs a little attention before I seal it.

Not sure what color I'm going to go with, maybe this red or Baham blue, but this is the look I think I'm going for.

Consensus on color? Top or bottom?



Hawks Feather

Nothing like a little 'off frame' restoration to find all the things that need to be worked on. Blue is my favorite color, but my vote would be to keep the original color when you get to that point. I have been seeing more restored Broncos the last few years and they do look good. Keep us updated as your project continues.


Nice work. I miss doing that stuff. I put a Ford Boss in my 76 f150 two wheel drive back in the 90's and boy would that thing do burnouts with an empty box :alscalls:

I really like the red. Especially with it's dark hue. But the blue very definitively, says FORD.
You cant go wrong with either.

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Todd Rahm

That's a project well worth the work!!