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2023 LBL Hunt Attendance

Started by weedwalker, October 13, 2022, 06:35:48 AM

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Quote from: JohnP on February 15, 2023, 12:43:12 PMGood story, do you have a good bobcat population where you live?

I don't have a good feel as to what is a "good" population. We are allowed to take 5 per season with only 3 of those by hunting. I would say the population is expanding as I seem to see more or hear of others taking one. I have taken a few over the years but normally I don't stay on stand long enough to allow a cat to work it's way in. I should have more patience I suppose.

I've got a FP ecaller that I don't use much. I walk the hills alot and like to go as light as possible. Given my calling ability, I probably should use it more. I'm sure that bird sound is on there somewhere. It has over 200 sounds of which I may have used 5-10 or so.


Can't hunt them in New Hampshire but right across the river in Vermont you can.


Good story and interesting re the choke.

My computer has locked me out for several days, just getting back online.  I've never killed a coyote or a bobcat with a shotgun.  We have quite a few bobcats and I should rectify that deficiency in my resume.