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sportin clays lowdown

Started by northern coyote, July 19, 2008, 06:17:05 PM

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northern coyote

hey, is 37/50 good for your 1st time ever shootin sportin clays? i just shot one for the 1st time and everyone said it was really good, are they funnin me? or am I actually doin good?
I'm learnin' and I've got nothin' but time


That sounds good, about 75%. I'm not any good at it myself , but I would be happy with that.

northern coyote

thanks wv_yoter, I wasnt quite sure
I'm learnin' and I've got nothin' but time


I've been shooting clays since I was 21 and that is very good. In fact, there are a lot of regular shooters at our club that cannot do that. Good job. Cool thing about clays is its different everytime and really tunes in your hunting skills.


I've always wanted to try sporting clays.   Looks like it would be fun. 


that is about average for me on our course at home.  if I break into the 40's I am doing good.  that is very good if you do not shoot sporting clays all the time.  best thing you can do is keep at it.  you will get better.  clays are a fun way to practice for real world shots at animals.  I tell ya though it is fun going to the course and beating these guys that have high dollar guns with a semi that is all camoed up and wearing a old hunting vest and blue jeans.  every now and then I will break out the sideXside and have fun. 
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Depending on the course, some are tough, that is down right good shooting.   :wink:
We generally shoot a 100 bird course here.  I ave' in the 60s w/ a 70 slipping in now & again  :biggrin:, but so do some 50s. :madd:

Semp: Get yer butt out there & try it!  ;yes;  One thing tho .... Ya gotta watch out for those young punks that don't know how to dress & shoot paint smeared autos.  :rolleye:

northern coyote

I'llm tell ya what, I've handled a lot of boom sticks in my short life, but that stoeger coach 20ga i use for clays has got to be the best swingin gun ive ever shot
I'm learnin' and I've got nothin' but time