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LBL hunt

Started by MarknTennesssee, January 12, 2007, 06:56:07 PM

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I plan on heading up to the LBL hunt, and I was wondering if anyone can show me what I'm doing wrong with my set-ups.

I'm having a hard time getting anything to respond to my calling and I know they critters are there. I think the problem is with the way I set-up.



If you compare how you have been setting up verses some of the discriptions in the primers [top of preadator hunting forum], what do you notice as being different?

As to your specific question as it relates to LBL..... I certainly expect a fair amount of campfire time as well as some hands on hunting will go a long long way to addressing.
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There'll be a lot of wood burnin!
Ya might not want my advice, but there'll be more from others then you can soak in a day.

By the way, welcome to the site Mark.
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Hey Mark,
  Welcome to Fins and Fur...........if you come to LBL I'll finally get to meet you. I've know your screen name for years now, but to actually put a face with a name......whoa! :congrats:
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Bopeye, I was up at the LBL hunt last year. We stayed at the Dover Inn.

We only got to hunt That Sat, then we had to head back to Chattanooga.


I wasn't at the hunt last year..........sorry 'bout that. I'll still get to meet you this year.  :biggrin:
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Jimmie in Ky

I'll be sending you an e-mail pretty soon Mark . Jimmie


Hey Mark...
Welcome to FnF!

You still after those bobcats? :biggrin:

Please visit our ol' buddies over at: http://www.easterncoyotes.com

Born and raised in the southern highlands of Appalachia, I'm just an ol' country boy who enjoys calling coyotes... nothing more, nothing less.


Chet, I'm still after those critters.

After that first one I killed a few years back, I have yet to connect with another one.