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2017 LBL, no pics from me sorry

Started by slagmaker, February 05, 2017, 04:25:44 PM

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Well another year has come and gone. Which marks another LBL gathering into the history books. Had a great time the turn out was around 25-30 people by the reckoning of the number of door prize tickets. Darren "fozzybear", Echo "shortround" and yours truly arrived on Friday around noonish and there was already a pile of fur at the welcome cabins. When we arrived I stopped at the cabins to see who was home and by golly every cabin was booked but no one was home, except for Tom "Deardad" whom was staying at the cabin across the creek from the one I was staying at. Everyone else was out hitting it hard and seeing who could call in something other than people. Tom and I shot the excrement for a bit as I waited for Darren and Echo to catch up to me as they drove down in there own vehicle. About the time Darren pulled up and we got the gear unloaded I noticed that Pat and his crew had come back from there morning of hunting so we made a quick trip up the hill and let them know we had made it. After a quick round of hellos and shaking hands we headed into Cadiz to get some groceries and hit up our favorite little restaurant the Cadiz Café, They have awesome  sweet tea and a chicken, catfish, white fish all you can eat buffet for 7.99 that Daren and I have stopped at every year sense our first LBL. Once we had our vittles for the evening and breakfast for the next day we hit the cabins again to see who was home and by golly we ran into Rich, weedwalker, Kysongdog, HaMeR, straycat and several others that were at the welcome cabins. We hung out there listening to the stories of the fur that had been piled up. By that time 8 varmints in all had been sent to meet there maker. Good looking fur on all of them. There was even a dark phase coyote that I thought had a really nice color to him that I believe Frogman "if I am wrong please correct me" had harvested not a mile from the cabins. At around well after dark it started to get pretty chilly and as I was in my traveling clothes it was getting really cool,, especially sitting on a concrete picnic table bench. So I headed back up to the cabin. Woke up the next morning just before sunup so I could take a little relief and it was bloody cold outside, Like 17F. so after I got my business taken care of I got back in the cabin I remembered that I left something in the truck. When I stepped back outside it had frosted and I mean FROSTED. Like a heavy frost on everything. It went from a clear cold morning to heavy frost in less than 5 minutes. Sorry I didn't get any pics as the frost and the sunrise was beautiful. But I can say that a good cup of coffee and watching out the window of the cabin as some of the other hunters headed out was a great way to start a day. Especially sense I wasn't going to hunt this year and was warm and snug in a heated cabin.

After I got my coffee in me and woke up fully I discussed with Fozzy, whom was making bacon and eggs for breakfast, what plans he and Echo were gona do for the day. They had a day of sight seeing as this was also kind of a informal honeymoon for them.  I headed into Cadiz so I could get the groceries for the Saturday evening meal and stop by secure pros cabin to pick up the big pot that would contain all the stewy goodness. I went back to the welcome cabins and by golly there was a bunch of hunters there who were just hanging out and telling stories. I stopped and asked who wanted to help cut vegetables for the evening meal. Ronnie "centerfire_223 stepped up and he and I headed for the outpost and started into fixing supper. I will tell you this ole Ron is a vegetable cutting fool. He had the vegetables cut up before I had all the meat browned. But we had a good time talking and meeting everyone that stopped by to check on what we were having for the evening meal. Drew stopped by as he was looking forward to trying his had at making the cobblers again this year. So I fixed him up with three dutch ovens and all the info I could pass on and set him to making three different types of cobbler, peach, peach/pineapple and a cherry/pineapple. That young feller did a fine job even if we did "my fault" get the bottom heat a little off and scorched the bottom of a cobbler.

About 8 we rang the dinner bell as it were and the feed started. Once the meal was done Pat started the door prizes and there were a lot of them. I believe names were drawn a total of three times. Oddly enough this is the first year that I didn't win a call, dang it. But I most definitely appreciate the prizes I did win. Once the door prizes were take care of there were several zip-lock bags come flying out and those that wanted it took on the left over stew. that stuff just gets better the longer it sits. Mrs secure pro let me sample some of her homemade strawberry wine. That stuff was GOOOOOOOD. Once the stew and associated cook ware was taken care of I headed back up to the cabin and unwound. I had wanted to go down to the welcome cabins and hang out for a bit but I was How should I put it, feeling a little wobbly from the wine and other grown up drinks I had consumed and decided that a horizontal position was my best bet.

Sunday morning came all to early and we packed up to go. As we were leaving we stopped by Pats cabin to say our goodbyes and ran into Rich there. Glad we stopped by as everyone else had already headed out at the welcome cabins and there was no one left to say so long till next year to. We got a final fur count. 8 coyotes in total and they were all harvested before Saturday. But I know for a fact the LBL hills were hunted hard on Saturday.  We shook hands with everyone and headed North back to the Hoosier state.

And that brought yet another LBL to a close. I am already looking forward to next year.
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 :yoyo: We all had a great time as usual and a big ole THANK YOU to you Slagmaker for another well cooked meal.
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Slagmaker and all,
Thanks for the great write up!!  And for the fine meal!  You and your assistants put a lot of work into it!!  Another enjoyable LBL!!  it was nice seeing everyone again!!  My friend "Bill" really enjoyed himself.  Thanks to you all for making him feel right and home and a part of the group.  I'm hoping he will join F&F and join us again next year!  I will post some pictures soon!!

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So Ronnie makes a good house wife :innocentwhistle: :laf:

Well ............. no.

But ha can flat peel a potato
Don't bring shame to our sport.

He died for dipshits too.


Big fun great stew !Hope loved it too.
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