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Started by FinsnFur, January 15, 2008, 01:44:44 AM

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What is it?
An annual gathering, open to all. Coyote hunting and comradry at it's finest.

When is it?
The first weekend in February

Where is it?
Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky/Tennessee

LBL Official Website

Where do I stay or find everyone else?
Wranglers Campground (see maps below)
There are hotels available but they are a considerable distance away.

What do I bring?
Food, bedding, eating utensils, etc. If you stay at the campground, you'll be just short of roughing it. Accommodate yourself.
Gas and food is a considerable distance away.

How much is a hunting license?
Small game (5 day non resident)  Kentucky=$40.00
Small game (7 day non resident) Tennessee=$50.50
LBL hunting use permit=$20.00

Online License purchase LBL permits can also be bought at any location that sells state hunting licenses.

Purchase Ky Hunting License or LBL User Permit here.....

Purchase Tn Hunting License or LBL User Permit here.....

The LBL Hunting Permit is good in both Ky and Tn. but you will also need a small game hunting license for the state you will be hunting. If hunting both Ky and Tn you will only need one LBL permit but a small game licenses for both states will be required.

Small Game & Waterfowl Hunting Information, 2010-2011 (Valid through July 31, 2011)
Does the LBL have any special hunting regulations?
Yes, they can be viewed here

Wrangler campground cabin rental
small cabins have 1 full size bed and 1 bunk bed  $50per night    (4 people if 2 sleep in full size bed)
large cabins have 1 full size bed and 3 bunk beds  $75 per night (thanks securpro)
*Note: LBL rates may change at any time.

Cabin Reservations
Online at
Or by Phone at 1-800-525-7077 (thanks Weed)

Thanks Silvertip for the map info;
Small MapsLarge Maps - Click on Url, when map loads "right click" on map and select "Print Picture" or "Save Picture As"

Wrangler Campground Maps;

*Note: License fees and LBL rates may change at any time.

Edited: 10/26/2012 (to update data such as non working links).
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