200's or 220's in an 8mm rem mag?

Started by Coyotes-R-Us, June 17, 2020, 09:17:07 AM

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OK here is the thing.
I have recently worked up two outstanding loads for my rem 700 8mm rem mag. One is a Barnes 200 TSX running at 3200 fps and a Sierra 220 gameking that is going just a few fps less than 3100.
Both shoot 5 group shots at an inch at 200 yards. The 220 have a "little" more felt recoil. I'll use it for Elk, bear, and an unfortunate mule deer on occasion. Unlikely over 400 yards. Which one would you zero in on? The Sierra's are a bit cheaper but not by much.
I have a lot of faith in Barnes bullet and use them in most of my hunting situations in multiple calibers. But kinda looking for a big bullet for a big gun. Thoughts?
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