Paperwork, yuk But about what I expected

Started by Coyotes-R-Us, June 20, 2020, 05:37:25 PM

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We went fishing and shooting today.
I did not get a bite my boy got some very nice trout 3 and 4 pounders.
After we got tired of that we set up to shoot. We always have a bunch to test or sight in or proof.
6.5 Grendle We were just checking it but worked as it should.
7mm rem mag TC dimension. The boy just changed from 30/06 to the 7mm. Just a few shots to zero to 200 yards.
My 8, is zeroed at 230 yards, I wanted to proof it at 500. I have 200's and 220's both should be twins at 500 yards, 22 inch low.
The 7 at 500 and 165 using the 500-yard dot was an inch low but about a 6" group, good.
My 8 we determined I should use the second hash, I did.
The 200 shot right on in a 5", 5 shot, group very respectable.
The 220 should be there too. That they were but, in about a 7" group with 5 shots, HUM no Idea why that is, at 230 there both right at an inch.
We checked the speed with the speedometer and was right on the money, the 200 average 3200 and the 220 did 3100 both with a variance in single digits. Over 500 yards the 220 carry a little more energy, but not a lot.
I'm happy either way. It looks like a little more range time and I will be ready. I'm interested to see if the 220 keeps opening up as I go out.
It takes SOOOO long to go check 500-yard targets and Hard even out here to get a place we can shoot farther but I want to see what the next two hash marks bring. I should be 600, and 700 yards, I'll use a gong to test them.
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