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New Rifle

Started by JohnP, April 27, 2020, 10:05:24 AM

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Ordered a new Weatherby 22-250 from SG two weeks ago, still not here.  Normally whenever I order anything from them it's here within a week.  I guess I understand the delay, but I'm not sure I understand the delay.  :confused:
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While I can't speak for the company that you ordered from, I just placed an order yesterday from a reloading supply company.  They normally ship within two days, but I received a message that due to the extreme number of orders that they thought it would be close to 10 days before my order would ship.  Maybe they can't have as many in their shipping area or something, but at least I know that I will receive the items - later rather than sooner.


Just about everything that's being shipped it slow. I ordered a hitch adapter March 25th. It didn't arrive until April 22. It was shipped from South Carolina. Crazy.
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Big run on all thing ballistic in these parts, from firearms to ammunition to components.  Shelves all but bare.

But I got a fast shipping on a shipped rifle that went coast to coast.  Bought a Mauser M18 from Europotics in Pennsylvania on
Saturday June 6.  It was shipped on Monday June 8 and I had it in hand on Monday June 15 in the far NW corner of the lower 48.


I think there is a greater demand for guns and ammo now than when Obama was chief salesman.    The double whammy of the Chinese virus and the race riots of BLM and ANTIFA have sent sales of gun stuff soaring.  Now the talk is defund (eliminate) the police.  Ordinary folks who never owned a gun before are reconsidering their naive, head in the sand position.  So we get thousands of new untrained people with guns. What could possibly go wrong?