M3500 Stoeger is almost prefect.

Started by Coyotes-R-Us, October 11, 2020, 08:12:51 AM

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 :confused:​If the boy ever gets sprung off the fire line we all have swan tags.
I feel good with the steady grip stock on the Stoeger.

BUT I also feel a little more recoil relief would help and I think the stock is a bit too long for my ancient smallish body. I was in the shop yesterday in-between Honey do's thinking, never a good thing.

I took out the stock that came with the shotgun, it is the same length and drop as the replacement, I chopped off a half-inch. Being composite (plastic) It cut through the tubes that the screws go into.

I had to drill them deeper and run the but screws in deeper, got it.

The but pad that came with the steady stock is harder solid rubber that would work great on my truck for tires, but is the right size and shape for both stocks. By making the stock shorter it also made the dimensions of the butt area different, smaller, and narrower. Some dermal work on the bottom and angle grinder on the outside and, Dang, I have one the fits very nicely. Then to the computer.

I got the PDF size and shape template from Limbsaver. Carful caliper work and fitting to the template I found that it is just right if the template is precise. It is a pad for a "Handy rifle", or H&H shotgun.

Now to find one, you know how gun parts are right now, very scares. I did and it was about half the price as most the limbsaver at $27 bucks with free freight. BUT it was the only one left, I ordered it at once, I hope I got it. I will not alter the steady stock till I have the pad in hand, that way I CAN still use the shotty If need be.

I'll put up pics with a dead trumpeter swan as soon as it all comes together.

PS: 4 days till the Little GD can hunt for another Deer, we are ready.​
old is the new young


old is the new young


old is the new young

Hawks Feather

Looks great and the fact that it fits you will make it even better.


 I have been hunting with a Stoeger M2000 for many years one of my favorite guns.