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Dr. Zelenko covid protocol

Started by bambam, September 29, 2021, 07:51:44 PM

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Quote from: bambam on September 29, 2021, 07:51:44 PM

Dr. Zelenko covid protocol.


Thanks for posting.  The link lists meds/vitamins needed in case anyone wants to have this stuff on hand for early treatment.

My wife tested positive that she has Covid.  She is doing almost the exact Zelenko protocol, though we had never heard it called that.  She has been sick going on 5 days.

We had the Zelenko protocol meds/vitamins on hand because we expected to get Covid sooner or later, and wanted to be able to start treatment as early as possible.   Started wife on the high risk regimen two hours after it seemed to me that she was getting sick.  She didn't get tested till 36 hours later but am glad we started her treatment without waiting. 

We also try to have her drink lots of water, which she does not like to do.  She had a mild but persistent cough for about 24 hours (stoppable with cough suppressant), head ache, achey muscles and was so innervated tired it was a chore to get out of bed, and needed help with balance.  She was better within hours, but has slept most of the time since.

I expect to develop symptoms showing that I've got Covid, but none so far.  I had mild sniffles plus super innervating fatigue for over a week about three weeks ago, so may have already had Covid.  Slept 13 hours one night, then napped all day during the worst of it.  Still have unusually low energy. :shrug:

Wife and I both had two shots of Moderna in Feb. and early March of this year.  None of our kids or grandkids have taken the shot.  Son in his 50's has been miserably sick for 12 days, maybe getting a little better this afternoon.  No hospital but fever and sheer misery.  50 yo daughter was pretty sick, not too bad for the kids and teens and young adults who had it.


After I got released from our death trap of a hospital Mandy put me on something very similar.
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