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Mono or braid!

Started by nastygunz, March 23, 2022, 06:53:17 PM

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all of my rods currently have braid except one. I just filled one up with mono just for the hell of it!

Hawks Feather

If your hair is long enough go with the braid. If you are almost bald then mono might be all you can hope for.


Braid on all my serious gear except for trout and kid reels.  No panfish around here.

Todd Rahm

Kevlar and Flourocarbon.


And the winner isssssss....braid!


Yah I have braid on all my bait casters.
I have one ultra light with an open face spinning reel, that has 2lb mono and I only use it for bluegill fishing.

I would never use mono on bass or pike jig again after using braid. You feel everything. Every little tick, every little bump, and the hooksets are genuine hooksets  :eyebrow:
I use to be a die hard Spider Wire user. Someone here (cant remember who) talked me into trying Suffix 832 a while back. I was VERY reluctant. The only issue I ever had with spider wire was abrasion. It didnt fare well against rocks or NON ceramic eye inserts on your fishing rod eyes. But I gave it a shot.
I liked it, A LOT. The abrasion issues were virtually non existent with Suffix 832 Braid. I switched to that and didnt looked back.
Last summer I started having big issues with it. Not sure if it was bad batches or they cut back on quality or what, but I had all kinds of trouble. Everything from coming unbraided in long lengthy sections, to nasty frays mid line that looked like split ends on someones hair.
I would replace all the line, check all my rod eyes, line guide etc. and have the same issues after a while. Pretty disturbing for how expensive the stuff is.
I have since switched to PowerPro V2 Braid after a recommendation from a local friend and I like it so far.
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Im a PowerPro user as well.


Jim,  thanks for the good info on Suffix, etc.  You fish way more than I do and I appreciate the experienced evaluations from everybody here.  I had a braid that was spider something on a spinning reel and it kind of made clumps along the line after awhile.

I have run PowerPro for river salmon for years, on baitcasters.  Can't remember the name of my current saltwater salmon line but got a super deal on it and I like it.  BIL and I were cruising the Puyallup Sportsman Show a couple of years ago and got a big discount directly from the owner of the line company who happened to be at their booth when we stopped to talk.  She gave us her card with a note on it and we ordered a bunch.

My brother-in-law  has become an excellent walleye fisherman in the Columbia River and is encyclopediac in his knowledge of rods, lines etc.  He trolls with a computer program that works with precise line diameter, distance behind boat, etc.  The line company owner was impressed with his level of knowledge and questions and I think that prompted her to give him/us the big discount so he could try several different line weights.

I'm just a flinger who doesn't get out fishing much anymore.


Quote from: Okanagan on March 27, 2022, 10:41:40 AMShe gave us her card with a note on it and we ordered a bunch.

You are starting to scare me, Oke. :sad3:
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