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Back in my youth

Started by 1snafu, July 08, 2022, 03:32:53 PM

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Having been bullied in 1st grade. Two older bro's not getting involved(fight your own battles). But they did teach me how to fist fight. I spent 3 yrs teaching myself how to box & learned & mastered various kicking forms, ages(15-18). I vowed back then never to be a victim. But rather a handful if pressured. I fought some tough ole boys back in my prime. Bully thugs & smart asses mainly.

I'm 18 in this pic. I could kick straight up & spin 180 & kick a can off of the head of a 6' tall guy. I used my kicking skills some yrs later in the fire service. I could breach a dead bolt locked steel & oak entry door. In less than 10 seconds.



Not sure why my pic didn't upload?

Hawks Feather


Quote from: Hawks Feather on July 08, 2022, 08:41:33 PMBilly Jack!

Ha! You know since those two boys bullied me. 1/2 through that school yr. The larger of the two moved away. Then I reaped terror upon that other punk azz. When I caught him I threw him to the ground. Then sat on his chest & pounded his face until my arms went numb. Since those days, bullies have filled me with War. I hate them with a passion. I view them as terrorists. Because that is what they truly are.

During my hunt yrs while road hunting lawfully. I have been approached by aggressive men. Two of which accused me of rustling cattle. I told them I was coyote hunting. But they insisted I was rustling livestock. After a minute or so of exchanging loud pleasantries. I went quiet & waited for their next move. As my loaded semi-auto rifle lay across my lap(muzzle pointed their way). Had I seen them point a firearm at me. I would've opened up on them at point blank. I'm a man who seeks peace. However, some men seek violence upon their victims. To that, I will gladly ablige them. It is best people just leave me alone.