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Farm cats, greyhounds & jack rabbits.

Started by 1snafu, May 31, 2023, 06:00:59 AM

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Circa early 60's. My Dad's two hunting buds & myself(teenager). Drove to flat farm ground where we ran our sighthounds on jacks. We stopped at a farm house to ask permission to hunt a piece of farm ground. That was 1/4 mile wide & 1 mile long. It was my dad's turn to ask permission. As us other guys were sitting in a 1962 falcon station wagon along with 6 dogs waited.

Front door opened out & out stepped a large farm lady wearing a dress & apron. On outward appearances, she could've been a line backer for the Bears. Anyway on her yard. Were maybe 10-12 cats laying & milling around. The lady asked my dad, "Will your dogs bother my cats"? Dad said, "Well they don't like cats". But we will hunt the far side of your bean field. Walking in only 1/2 mile & then hunt back towards our vehicle. She said, "Well ok then but just keep your dogs away from my cats".

We drove to the far side 1 mile away from her farm yard. When we let the dogs out they pee'd then jumped the barb fence ready to hunt. Right there along that fence line, jumped a jack rabbit. Pouring on the steam as the hounds took to the chase. Typically our dogs would turn a jack in a few hundred yards. But this jack wasn't to be caught. Nearest hound was maybe 5-6' on that rabbits heels. But could not close the gap to turn it. We all stood there & watched. As the chase continued heading towards that lady's farm yard(See; lounging farm cats) lol.

Dad then said, "Quick everyone back in the car". So we piled in, turned around & drove back to that farm at high speed. Hauling ass down the gravel road. We rounded the turn & her farm was less than 1/4 mile up ahead. Soon as we pulled into the drive. We witnessed the greyhound/cat carnage. That farm woman was yelling & cursing. As she beat our hounds with an old straw broom. Dad, Larry & Willard quickly got out of the car & started grabbing dog collars. Slapping the dogs muzzle as they tried to break the death grip on those cats. The farm lady cursing the men & dogs now. As she continued beating dogs that had a cat in it's mouth.

Once all of the dogs were gathered & put back in the station wagon(no cats in their mouths). The men decided we had best leave quickly. In summation; I estimated: greyhounds 8 or 9? cats-0.

Todd Rahm