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Fins and Fur Hosting referrals

Started by FinsnFur, June 24, 2007, 11:21:40 PM

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Fins and Fur Hosting referrals are now worth credit on your hosting accounts.

During sign up at http://www.finsandfurhosting.com you will see a "referral" field near the bottom of your account info.
Enter the persons name that referred you to Fins and Fur Hosting, and if that person is a current client, they will receive a full month credit from his/her hosting bill....when you sign up.

Each referral is worth one free month, and can be added to with out limit.
If the person referring you DOES NOT currently use Fins and Fur Hosting, but plans to in the near future, these credits will be stored for 120 days. At the end of 120 days, credits unused by the person not being a Fins and Fur Hosting client will be dumped.

Within the next month or so my next plan is to incorporate an Affiliate program.
Fins and Fur Hosting clients wishing to take advantage of this will have a small FnF Hosting clickable image placed at the bottom of their site with tracking code embedded in it.
When someone clicks that image on YOUR site it will go to FnF Hosting. if they sign up, the tracking software will automatically place credit as coming from your site, and 1 month will automatically be deducted from your hosting bill. No credit limits will be placed on this either.

Clients that pay their account annually instead of monthly, quarterly, or biannually will have the option of receiving cash back, OR credit on their next bill.

Also as a reminder, if you have a site and are considering moving to FnF Hosting. We can move your site free of charge with no down time, if you are using a Cpanel®...(the standard in web management)
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