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I got a little problem

Started by Jerry Hunsley, July 30, 2007, 09:34:16 AM

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Jerry Hunsley

Being the computer wiz that I aint, I'm looking for a little help on how post autio sounds on the forum. I can download video off my cam-corder and then paste it on this forum but don't know how to post sounds after I have recorded them on my computer. It's probably pretty easy but I'm like a virgin doing it for the first time. Any help out there?  :confused:


I'll help ya out, Jerry.

Hey Jimbo!!! HELP!!!



Never tried this, but should be just like the pics everyone posts. Don't know if uploading them to photobucket in the video section will work or not. But it should seeing to how most video's have audio attached to them. Try that and if it still don't work let me know & I'll look around the web for something that's free that will work. ANd if all else fails.....Semp's already paged the computer geek.... :roflmao:
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1)  upload the sound to your FTP space

2) remember the complete file name

3)  use this code on the forum  " [url = http://the complete file name you gave your uploaded sound]The name you want us all to see [/url] "

Leave the quotation marks out, take all the spaces out between URL = http and at the end [/url]

This is an example of what a sound will look like when you type it in

" [url = http://www.thogamecalls.com/FnF_SoundClips/Pup Distress/PD_05.mp3]Sound 5 [/url] "

Again, take the quotation marks out and the spaces out

This is what it will look like when people see it

Sound 5

Hope that is clear as mud

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Record your sound clip and save it as a wmv or mp3 to your documents folder, then at the bottom left corner when you reply or make a new post look for the additional options link, click it and paste your recorded sound straight from your documents folder into there and it should post it into your post....Wheeew!! I'll try one here to double check myself.

We was typin at the same time Al...It just took me that much longer :confused:


Jerry Hunsley

Canine, I tried that but how do you get it in mp3 or wmv. form. It just shows up in wav form.I saved it in a folder and when I browse and it copies but when I go to paste it in the forum reply box all it says is it has to be in mp3 or some other format.


You may need to invest in a computer program for editing your sounds, filtering out clicks and pops etc.  I use a program called Cool Edit Pro.  Gold Wave is a god one also. For now you could go over to www.putfile.com and upload your sounds. Putfile will give you a link that can be posted on the board too.

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Sorry about missing this one Jerry.
New job has me kinda strapped and I run out of hours in the day before I'm expecting it. I actually seen this last night and meant to read it, but got side tracked and never made it.

Looks like the boys got er figured out for ya. Al's method puts them on your own domain if you have webspace. If not canines method will put them on Fins and Fur's server. Which you should be able to upload your wav files as is. No need to convert.
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