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Why I can't take my brother in law ANYWHERE!!!

Started by Arkyyoter, August 05, 2007, 09:31:22 AM

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Just so ya'll know, here's why I can't take my brother in law ANYWHERE!!!   :innocentwhistle:  Some folks met Jim at this last Texas rendezvous, on the way out, he just HAD to have a picture of that cactus......I told him to stay in the truck and I would take it for him, but NOOOOOOO  :doh2: ....he had to get out and see for himself. Well, as you can see....he did, and here is the outcome.....  :wink:


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 :roflmao: :roflmao:   I bet there's gonna be a lot of  :hahaha:  at the next reunion!! :laf: :laf:

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:laf: :laf:

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 :shck: We've got a few prickly pears around here too, mostly transplants... I've been told those spines hurt like hell when they go in.... even more so coming out.  :shck:

:doh2: I'll bet he won't do that again :sad3:

:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:
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It was all in fun.....he really didn't get any stickers.....but sure is funny to me!!



In relation to this, i have to tell you.  When i was about 5 years old on a vacation in Florida; I decided to run around the yard buck-naked.  Consequently, i tripped and did a face-plant right into a massive cactus bush similar to that.  my mom had to remove the enormous spikes from region on the front of my person :puke: :madd:
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