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Traps and Trapping on the History Channel

Started by Silencer, August 27, 2007, 01:44:20 PM

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The History channel will run a show at 8pm EST Monday night 8/27 about the history of traps and trapping. There is said to be a portion of the NTA video ( circle of life) in this show. It is part of the Modern Marvel series.

QuoteModern Marvels: Traps
Gotcha! Traps are a device designed to capture and kill, but they don't always harm their prey. Often necessary to the survival of a species, watch as Black Bears are trapped by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources biologists for a population study. Feral cats left stranded in New Orleans after Katrina are trapped, neutered, and released. Head underwater to see how giant screw traps count salmon on the Columbia River. Man traps? See high tech versions, straight out of action movies