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Need some help

Started by awh, September 07, 2007, 08:47:45 AM

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Ok guys. I asked if I could do something for the kids on another forum. (Trapping forum, not the frog palace)
Looking at doing a contest for either predator calling or their first catch of the season. Would be a thread where the kids 16 & under would post a pic and short story on their great day. Cam is going to spin a call for a prize and I was wanting to see if any of you would like to help out? The contest is going to be on Cathryn's Corner and like I said above, it will be open for all the kids 16 and under that want to get in on it. So if you got younglins, let them enter it. :biggrin:
If you would like to help out with a prize shoot me a pm and well go from there.

I talked to Jimbo before I posted this to make sure it was ok. Would like to do stuff here for the kids....but you guys are over the age limit.... :roflmao:. Get your kids/grandkids to log on here and lets start doing some stuff here for them to keep them interested in our great sport. No one can argue that this is the greatest forum. Lets make it even better with the kids  :yoyo:

My views and opinions are based upon being banned from a place that has no morals or the common sense God gave to a pecker gnat. I also hate frogs and will reply to such at any given chance. Thank You.