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Thanks CCP

Started by FinsnFur, July 28, 2006, 08:47:28 PM

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After 6 months of deliberation, two weeks of conning, and 1 promise to never use the lords name in vien, I talked Rich into becoming a moderator for us and helping out with some things on the board. :biggrin:

Welcome in Rich, and thank you much sir.

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Brad H

I think ol'Plumbrich will do a fantastic job. :congrats:

Congrats Rich, and nice touch Jim.



Thanks Jim and Brad for the warm welcome.

It was actually the people that were signing up here that made me want to be apart of this board.There is a lot of talent here and that will only bring more.I see a bright future here and I will enjoy being apart of it.

Thanks again


Welcome Richard! It will be nice worken with ya!


Bob D

Congratulations Rich,

   Glad to have the Southern Connection!


Welcome Rich lookin forward to gettin to know ya.
Rick :biggrin:
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Rich Higgins

WOW!! GIS mudding, pole climbing and moderating. Do I have to call you GIS*itch now? :nono:
No one has ever asked me to moderate anything. Always a bridesmaid. I'm jealous, Rich. :bowingsmilie:


No need to be jealous Rich, some of us are just born perfect. You also forgot to mention that I am so much younger than you and I don't get hangovers.  :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :eyebrownod:


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