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Started by CCP, August 05, 2006, 02:23:23 PM

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Glad to see you sign up Aaron (AKA ccp2) for those that don't know Aaron he has become my best friend and full time hunting partner.  Aaron started going with me coyote hunting last Sept and we have been hunting together ever since. Aaron does all the shooting and is in front of the camera 90% of the time.

He gets excited about everything he does outdoors and it is just plain fun to watch his reaction. We are ready for this season and have been out trying to secure land together the last few weekends. His first year ever coyote hunting he was able to get a double and one was a black coyote. He has killed 2 black coyotes 1 gray coyote and 7 run of the mill coyotes. "All this in his first year" I wish I could have done this in my first year. I am in my 19th year and have not ever killed a beautiful Black coyote.

So WELCOME aboard Aaron ccp2


QuoteAaron does all the shooting and is in front of the camera 90% of the time.

:yoyo: A movie star!!!! :biggrin:
Welcome to the site Aaron. There's nothing wrong in being a well honed gun man.
Glad to have ya. :wink:
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Welcome Aaron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see ya!!!!!!


Bob D

Welcome Aaron, you will like it here.