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Started by tbailey8739, March 15, 2022, 05:03:36 PM

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Hunt down here in ohio. What’s some good calling sequences around here this time of the year?

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Hollers work well this time of year.

Learn the bitch in heat howls and the like Nd you should do well.

Oh by the way welcome to the best little site on the net.
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Yep, welcome aboard.

My grandson called a coyote into shotgun range and killed it last week, using cottontail distress and #4 buckshot.  There are not a lot of coyotes here on the wet Olympic Peninsula compared to most places, and for some reason they are harder to call than drier areas like eastern WA and New Mexico. So I'll not opine much on calling Ohio. :wo:  Several posters here call country more like yours.

There is a LOT of knowledge on this site, and not much rancor nor putting down others.  Good place for real people who hunt and fish real critters.  Tell us a little about your hunting style and what you enjoy.


Welcome.  I ain't never called a coyote in your country but I bet a good old fence squeaking may bring one in.  Other than that the hand calls that these guys make do enough calls to get the most discriminating coyote.
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Calling in Ohio has really been slow for the past 10 years or so. Most hand calls, squeakers, or electronic calls will work good. Here in northwest Ohio the main way now is using a pack of hunting dogs. Hunters with dogs are out every weekend in some part of the area.


Welcome to the forum, tbailey8739
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