Ladies Night!

Started by nastygunz, April 13, 2022, 02:44:28 AM

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I may have mentioned that I come from a large Sicilian clan and last weekend the ladies all went out ha ha. I shouldn't say all went out, that is just a few of them.


all them italian women I am not jealous of you.  Dont ever tell them their sauce is terrible.  ya might end up getting beheaded.   :alscalls:
“If you want to know all about a man, go camping with him. Probably you think you know him already, but if you have never camped on the trail with him, you do not”. Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock. “Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper.”


sauce and weight comments can be fatal!🤛🤛🤛


Good looking women, of all ages.  You must be adopted.


Mama always said they found me out in the cabbage patch :innocentwhistle: :biggrin: Heres The most beautiful one of them all, my beloved mother on her 89th birthday! She is gone now but kind of coming back though because my niece is about to have her first child and it's going to be a girl and she's naming her Maddalena Grace after her grandma and I'm pretty sure Grammy is looking down giving a two thumbs up to that!


Notice the Italian flag and grapes on the cake, she was born and raised in Aragona, Sicily. I actually have dual citizenship, Italian and USA.


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All the men are tall dark and handsome and great hunters and fishermen and fine shots with any kind of weapon.... :innocentwhistle: :biggrin:

P.S. And chick magnets!