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I Got Lucky

Started by Hawks Feather, May 09, 2022, 05:04:44 PM

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Hawks Feather

Shortly before going to an air rifle show, I traded for a Crosman Benjamin Discovery PCP rifle in .177. It was the basic model and has seen a lot of use, but I wanted it. I saw a couple at the show that were similar to mine for around $170 so I was feeling pretty good about the trade. When we left the show the guy that dove this year asked if I wanted to stop at a couple of gun shops and I said, “Sure.” We went in and they had received a collection of over 500 items and some of them were on one wall angled about 6 rifles deep â€" marked don’t touch, keep away, needed to be inventoried, etc. So, as I was standing there eyeing all of them when I noticed one that looked like a Discover. One of the men was walking by and I asked him if I could see it and he got it down. It looked great so I asked him how much they were asking, he checked, and said $150. Since this had the upgraded walnut stock and looked really good, I said, “I’ll take it” and he walked off with it. He came by about 20 minutes later and said that he was leaving, but the rifle was on the counter. When I went to check out, I didn’t see it laying there and the guy with me pointed a little way down the counter at a box. I asked if this was mine and he said that it was. I opened it up and was surprised to see not only the rifle, but also a pump. Then looking at the box it was a kit and not just a rifle. I said that it looked like it was new and had not been taken out of the box. He said that he doubted that it had been out of the box because many of the ‘newer’ items were still in their original box and had never been fired.


I got to admit, thats not what I was thinking after seeing the title. :sneer:
But you still did very well!  :eyebrownod:
Are you keeping it?
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I have had the same set up for quite a few years in .22 caliber, never had a single problem with it and slayed a multitude of game with it! And I paid a lot more than $150 for it.


Gotta love a find like that on a whim.
I say what I think not think what I say.


Wow!  What a deal! 


You got a great deal on that rifle Jerry.   I have the very same rifle and it loves the 10.5 grain Crosman Premier pellets (brown box).   Shots those the absolute best.  I also put a "TKO" suppressor on it because it is very loud without one.  You are going to love the gun.