05 Kodak Moments

Started by Jrbhunter, August 01, 2006, 11:47:48 PM

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Flat out, down right, utterly and simply awesome! :yoyo:

You have no idea Jason how I've missed those "in the cuff" shots you post. :biggrin:

I've never run my own trap line but before I die, I have got to experience walking up on a few of those in shackles.  :eyebrownod:
That is calendar material right there. :wink: Yesssss
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Brad H

What he said.

It's good to see some trapping shots on here.

Hope to add some in about 4 months.


Bob D

Thanks , I enjoyed looking . Looks like you had a pretty good year!


Awesome pics. Congrats.....assume your planning a repeat this winter?
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