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Large Caper (Salt Cedar)

Started by Coulter, January 26, 2016, 06:20:40 AM

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Scales are Salt Cedar on a Large Caper blade (Blade is made in US by Jantz Co.) I just finished this one up and will be making a sheath for it as well. However, I figured if somebody just wanted to get the caper in a zippered cordura case they can save some $$. So as shown the knife and case is $110 + $7 for shipping. If the new owner would like a custom made leather sheath to go with it the cost goes to $175 + $7 for shipping. Here she is... 7 3/4" overall length with black spacers and three scallop marks on one side of the blade, any questions feel free to shoot me a PM.

Thanks for looking...


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Man that's a beautiful knife, and has a blade shaped for excellence in use.  It would serve for a lot more than caping!


Yes sir...If I don't sell it then it may just become my waterfowl knife for a spell.

Thanks guys,


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That is one fine looking knife and with the cryogenically treated blade it should be a workhorse.  With the wood on the handles it looks like it should be on a display shelf, but it was made to see some work.  Have you ever handled their small caper?  I have a granddaughter who wants grandpa to make her a knife.  It sounded like a way to end up with cut fingers, but mom and dad gave the green light.  They said they would keep it out of reach till she had been taught proper knife skills by grandpa.  Then my daughter mentioned that it might be good to make one for the other grandkids (both hers and her sisters) so it looks like I have six knives to complete by Christmas.  When my granddaughter was told that I had permission from her parents to make her a knife she said, "Oh, I was one of those leather things to put it in too."  Looks like I am going to need to read up on sheath making. . . .



Thanks Jimbo and Jerry. Yep, I have two of the small capers on hand right now too. One Damascus, the other stainless. Great little knives, but they are little for sure. The large caper suits me much better. Here's a link on sheath making that you should find very helpful too Jerry. Very informative and helpful. It walks you through step by step. Grab a good cup of coffee sit down and enjoy...


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Wow that was very good for me to watch.  Thanks for the link and the info on the small caper.  Looks like that will be the direction I go.