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SwampThing and the DU banquet...

Started by Coulter, October 20, 2016, 06:11:28 AM

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Heading over to the Ducks Unlimited banquet tonight with a stash of calls to donate. Here are a couple of them...the new North Bay SwampThing - Crystal over glass with a real beaver tail covered soundboard set in bocote also wrapped with real beaver tail. This call sounds awesome...

And a BadMojo double reed timber style call 100% hand made from Salt Cedar and also includes a beaver tail wrap. Oh wait, and I actually remembered to sign this one.

Thanks for looking,


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Ummm wow!

DU uh? That would definitely be a good place to get them to go over big. :congrats:
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Thanks Barry, Nasty and Jimbo....we had a pretty good time at the banquet. I won another tree stand to add to my collection of unboxed, unused tree stands. I may just have to start archery hunting again someday :shrug:



SWEET!!!!!!  Damn Steve just Damn.

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 That is a very unique use of Beavertail, I have never seen that before. It has a really good texture to it


They both sounded great! I wanted to get my hands on the Bad Mojo but the wallet wouldn't let me.