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Started by 1snafu, June 19, 2022, 08:38:31 AM

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I feel micro aggressed  :innocentwhistle:

Quote from: FinsnFur on June 23, 2022, 08:41:36 PM:laf: That was brutal. You ok nasty?


I've seen a few thousand canines in my time. All of the ones that were bedded down except just a couple. Were facing away from the wind. The few I did see that were facing angled into a South warm slight breeze/wind of a few MPH. So I rate their behavior dealing with wind, when bedded down. Around 99.9% accurate.

Another behavior worth noting as per bedded canines is; The higher the wind speed. The more in-alignment. Their muzzle will be pointing more directly down-wind. A hunter who walks into an area on hilly terrain. Had best not walk in, with the wind in his/her face. Because any self respecting canine up ahead. Will be facing that hunter's direction. Flat land areas with heavy ground cover. A hunter can/may get away with walking in "wind in his/her face" Especially if that ground cover is taller than the canine's ability too see.