Scouting elk on Father's Day: elk, bears, deer and scrumptious campfire steaks

Started by Okanagan, June 20, 2022, 02:10:57 PM

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I drew a special elk tag for this coming September, and my son suggested that we scout the maze of logging roads in the permit area.  Great Father's day weekend with him. 

We found elk three times, two herds and a single cow.  I think we found the same herd twice.   One of the elk was extra blond or palomino, and one was a slightly unusual copper red tint, very pretty.  All the bulls were in velvet but likely going to be two spikes and one 3 year old rag horn.  Only elk pic I got is blurry elk in a blurry forest. 

Saw three black bears:  a small young one  up close (probably just kicked out by its mother), and two that looked considerably larger, one of those at 145 yards and one glassed for awhile at 490 yards. 

Wish we could hunt the area in the photo below, but it is closed.

Our camp on Sat. night.  Under the logging road bridge makes a good rain shelter, and the log jam provides good firewood, though all is damp to wet. 

Curved wooden trestle logging road bridge.  Needed a drone to get away from the bridge and above it to really get the feel for this structure.  60-70 feet high above a big creek.

From another logging road bridge, this one a good 120 feet above the river.


Hawks Feather

Looks like a great weekend - especially some quiet time with your son.


Wow those are some great pics. I wonder if that debris damaged the dike any? It made a nice bridge non the less.
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