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Coyote behaviors/habits

Started by 1snafu, December 29, 2023, 06:12:49 AM

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I've discussed this topic some on here a few times. When I was much younger. I never gave the topic at hand much thought. Otherwise I did not care. My only goal was to see them & kill as many as I could. One day it sunk into my thick skull. Why not just observe them & learn form them. So that is what I mainly focused on during my ladder hunt yrs.

Once I got into it fully. I rarely tried to kill them. But spent my time just observing. I enjoyed that so much more than the kill. What a remarkable & fascinating canine. What I have learned from them. Made me a much better hunter. Because now I more readily understood their behaviors. One being how they used the wind. Even a slight wind or winds reaching 20mph or more.

One behavior that became apparent was over & over again. Was they spent the vast majority of their time on down-wind areas. Whether milling around or being bedded down for the day. Also what became apparent was on this down-wind behavior was. Most coyotes any given day. Will be right below a ridgeline/hill top. Or otherwise be around 1/2 down on that hillside. While there...They will routinely, scan their cross-wind & down wind areas. The above behaviors is so routine. I would classify it in happening 99.9% of the time.

You hunt them how you see fit. Whether you are sneaking in on a sleeper coyote you see from the road. Or stealth in on a place you plan to call from. Let it be known to you. They consistently watch THEIR down wind & crosswind areas. Act accordinly, otherwise you will/may find yourself. Already behind the 8 ball before your hunt even started. I urge all coyote hunters. To use their behaviors against them.

Pardon my spelling. I got a D in English. Because I paid to much attention to short skirts & tight sweaters in school. Versus actually learning a thing in class. :biggrin:


One more thing. It sure would be nice to be able to edit my posts.