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Game warden made up a bogus law

Started by Okanagan, July 12, 2024, 11:24:21 PM

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Had a game warden try to run his private interpretation of a game law on us today, without a trace of backing in the game law book.  We were not breaking any law.  He made it up.  I don't think he fined us, though in Washington State you don't find out till they mail a ticket to you at the address on your fishing license.  Kinda aggravating.  I'm retired and have the time and will challenge it in court if he ticketed me.  Meanwhile we will keep fishing the way we were, the same way we have fished for ten or 15 years and that has been checked by wardens many times.

Washington has hired a bunch of new fish cops.  I usually get checked maybe once every few years, but have been checked twice this week.  FWIW the wardens last week checked our gear, the same as we were using today, and didn't find anything wrong with the hooks today's cop said are illegal.


Turning the rookies loose on the beat too soon?
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They have to write tickets to show they are working.


Quote from: FinsnFur on Yesterday at 08:09:13 AMTurning the rookies loose on the beat too soon?

That's probably it.  His partner sure was quiet and did not look happy while he was giving us grief that our hook set up was illegal.  We put a tiny rubber band on the hook shank to help hold the hook in what we think is a better position on the lure. He says the rubber band makes the perfectly legal hook illegal.  There's not a syllable in the game regs on the subject nor on anything close.



Officer Big Badge. Years ago I had a run-in with a rookie fish cop. Was taking my little seven year-old nephew squirrel hunting and the guy pulls in beside us and he says this is posted property do you have permission from the owner or are you just trespassing and ignoring the posters. I said well I am the owner I said so technically you're trespassing I said so get the F off my property ! He didn't know what to say turned beet red rolled his window up backed out and left. Then on top of that when we got home the damn kid ratted me out for swearing  :alscalls:  :biggrin: brought the little guy home and his mother said did you have fun? He piped right up and said uncle Jimmy said the F word !