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Tell us about you!

Started by keekee, October 05, 2006, 10:01:50 PM

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I see some new names joining, and thought it might be a good idea for every one to tell us a little about your self and were your from. We can keep this pinned at the top for all the new members to add there's to when they join.

So, tell us......How long you been Calling, were your from, and anything else you want! Maybe a little bio on yourself?



Hi, my name is James Holbrook and I'm a FinsandFuraholic.  :eyebrownod:

Anyway, I'm 37 years old. Been hunting ever since I can remember. Started coyote hunting about 7 years ago....I think. :confused:
I've been with the same lady for 12 years.....married 10 of them. I have two little ones.
My girl is 9 and thinks she is 19......my little boy just turned 5 and is really wanting to coyote hunt bad.
I work at a Porcelain Tile Factory. I'm a supervisor over two departments there.

My life sounds mundane, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is good. I enjoy the small victories in life and the simple pleasures. I have an overactive sense of humor, but hope I never hurt your feelings, if I do, just let me know. I might apologize.  :eyebrownod:

I was born and spent my childhood in Nebraska. Lived awhile in Kansas and Wyoming as well. God saw fit to send me to Tennessee and I've been here ever since.

That's about it. :innocentwhistle:

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Dan Carey

Hello, My name is Dan Carey (whodathunkit)
I'm retired, I was a business owner until 2004 when someone made me an offer I couldn't resist. I was born in AZ, grew up in southwestern NM where I went to grade school, high school and college. I now live in both AZ and NM as I have a home in both. AZ for the winter months and a home in the mountains of southwestern NM when its too hot handle AZ.

I hunt everything I can get drawn for. I also go to Wyoming and Montana every summer to shoot dogs. I've hunted in Alaska for brown bears and Newfoundland for Moose. I hunt Varmints constantly, both in AZ and NM. I can do a little trapping in NM in the winter if I feel like putting up with the cold weather.

I shoot bench rest both short (100-300) and long range (1000). I'm fortunate enough to be able build my guns, both BR and sporting. I don't however, solicit work.

My favorite caliber is 223 Remington on Remington action I have rifles from a 17 MACH IV to a 375 H&H, about 50 different rifles. Hand guns from 22 RF to 454 casull.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Life's tough, it's tougher if you're a nasty, fat, unemployable, drunk, socialist. To say nothing of the fact you are an embezzler.


Hey all, my name is Chad Sontag(pronounced sawn tag) you would be surprised how many ways i have heard it pronounced.
I am 27 and currently living in Prattville, AL just outside of Maxwell Air Force Base. 
I was born in Ocala, FL and grew up hunting with my dad.  Back then he ran dogs so gun season I spent half of my time trying to catch the dang dogs...maybe that's why I like archery season... :wo:
Shot a bobcat when i was 17 while trying to call turkeys in the fall...that got the wheels spinning on the whole predator thing but never really went with it until about 3 years ago.
Joined the air force in 1997 and have been stationed in Texas, Nebraska, Maine, and Alabama.
I am also into fishing, climbing, racing motorcycles and just about anything outdoors

oh yeah and I am married and have two daughters one is 6 and the other is 2...if my wife read this board I would be in trouble for putting that last... :innocentwhistle:


Well lets see,
My real nick name is Bear. Been called that sense I was 16. Most people don't even know my real name. I have lived in Indiana all my life. Started hunting when I was old enough to walk around in the weeds with my dad when we would go rabbit hunting. Sense then I hunt about anything you can hunt in Indiana except turkey. Give me time on the turkey tho. I jsut have gotten bitten by the predator calling bug. So give me a little time to get me one that I have actually called in.

I work as an industrial maintenance tech been doing that for about 18 years.

My hobbiers include motorcycles, making indian bead work, knive making "but not as much anymore", hunitng, fishing, reading, wrighting short sci-fi stories, photography and a few other things.

I have two daughters ages 9 and 16, been married and will most likely not do anything crazy like that again.

I have for years wanted to reload and now with the new job I have I shoudl be able to afford to get me the equipment I need to start following that passion.

Well thats pretty much me in a nut shell. Nothing fancy just me :shrug:
Don't bring shame to our sport.

He died for dipshits too.


Typing in here makes me feel like I'm wearing one of the 2x3 names stickers on my shirt.  :huh:

Jim Champion here.
40 yrs old  <---no comments about that  :innocentwhistle:
I live in the South, most Western, corner of Wisconsin, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Started hunting when I turned twelve, fresh out of Hunters Safety Course. Deer and Squirrel was about all that was on that menu at the time.
Got married in 1991, had three beautiful children whom I wouldn't trade for the world, and then got divorced in 1996.
....and it's staying that way. :biggrin:

I got tired of hunting Deer, didn't care for the meat, and to me it was like shooting cattle. Where's the hunt, where's the challenge? Nothing against anyone who enjoys it...I just got tired of it.

That was about the time ole predator hunting was Juuuuuuust beginning to become a big thing.
I sold my deer rifle which was a Ruger M77 MarkII in a 270 and bought it's twin in a 22-250 and decided to give this coyote hunting a whirl, a lot of folks were beginning to talk about.
That was also real close to the time I became a member over at ... :innocentwhistle:....the other board. 2001
Which now seems to be heading down a path I didn't care to be a part of, so I left to start my own here.

I think Predator Hunting is an addiction....the more you do it, the more you need to do it. And there's no known cure.

I'm also an Independent Contractor by trade. Been in or around construction since I was 15, and now operate on my own. That's my main bread and butter.

I started a low scale tanning business in 1992 with the help of a good buddy who was a taxidermist at the time. And that has just exploded over the years. I built a shop and got licensed with the state and went public with that in 1994.
Doing business nation wide as Champion Tannery and will probably quit construction one day and build my own major facility and continue the tannery as long as I can before handing it down.

That's my story and I'm stickin to it.  :whew:

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Well,Steve Macklin here,I live in Garden Valley Idaho.Love to hunt anything i can and here it is easy :wink:Been with my wife now going on 19 years :biggrin:have 4 kids,2 grandkids :biggrin:and wouldn't trade none of them.I'm 47 years old :roflmao:I'm a mechanic by trade,but currently I'm manager of a Florring business :madd:.looking forward to talking to all of you in the future :eyebrow:Steve


Most of you all know me but I figured I would post anyway..........

My name is Brent saxton, I live in Southern Ohio and have been here most of my life except for a few years living in GA. I am right on the Ohio river, so that puts me about 20 min from the KY or WV line. Makes it nice to be able to hunt three states in just a few min.

I have been hunting since I could walk, my garandfather started taking me out when I was a little feller! Tough me to trap as well. I ran a trap line every day before school for allot of years. Along with bowhunting, Turkey hunting or anything else I could hunt or call for all my life. Same way with fishing, I enjoy making several trips down south and saltwater fishing every year, and love to fish for those big flat head cats in the summer!

I been married for 12 years now and have three wonderful kids, 1 boy and two girls.

I been involved in the outdoors all my life, started a turkey call making business and ran it for several years before selling out. I spent allot of time traveling to sport shows doing seminars and calling contests for several years as well. After selling out the business I got bored and started Kee's Custom Calls, specializing in custom predator calls and howlers. And now have expanded again to Kee's Productions. Producing predator video's and sound Cd's. And we are looking to expand again real soon.

I still work a full time job as a manager over a maintenance department at Pepsi Cola. So, things sure are hopping around here.

I spent allot of time over at Predator Masters as a administrator and moderator, coroneted there hunts for awhile before comming here with Jim.

I also do some part time guiding for spring turkey in OH and KY every year and a few deer and Predator hunts as well. I use to do allot of guiding but have cut back due to time restraints.

I try and guide the youth hunts in OH and KY every year. I think kids are our future in this sport, and really enjoy guiding young hunters when I can.

Thats about enough rambling for now! :eyebrownod:



Hey Guy.s I finally got here. My PC has been down for a while. Most of you know me as T Harris. I live near Central Ohio. My interests are Hunting Fishing & Fishing Hunting. It,s good to see all of you guy,s I have known for a while. And I am looking forward to getting to know some of the new guy,s. Later    Tom

desert dog

I am Loren Reese.  I have been predator hunting for 20 years.  I build the Reese lanyard and I am co-owner of KO Predator Solutions. 

I was born and raised in Arizona and got the wild dream of going to Alaska for a few years of fun and adventure.  I now live on the Kenai River, home of the world record king salmon.  My day job is being a school principal.

Glad to be part of a nice community here at fins n fur.

"what you pay for your calls is your business, protecting them is ours"


Hi guys my name is Joe Spiker, hence the jspike screen name.  I'm 34 and work for my family's construction business.  After spending my time in the trenches I have been given the joy of construction foreman along with my regular duties.  Gotta love working for the family.  Growing up I use to squirrel and deer hunt.  After about 10-12 yrs of little to no hunting I started deer hunting again and in the last year I have started to hunt coyotes, foxes, and crows.  I used to ski and mt bike but a neck injury suffered in the Navy has greatly limited my physical exercise. That is the big reason I started hunting again.  Just to have something to keep from going cabin crazy.  The hardest part of the injury was getting use to shooting a rifle without the marksmanship that I use to have.  I gotta little shake now.  While I'm single I have the greatest nephews and niece out there.  My youngest nephew(7) loves to hunt and shoot.  So we spend a lot of time in the woods.  He got his first squirrel with me last year.

There are many days I feel like the only predator hunter in western maryland but I keep going out there.  Even though I haven't called in a coyote yet and only one fox so far.  Gotta have faith.
Learnin to hunt, Huntin to learn


 My name is Rick from Colorado. I'm married for 19yrs to the same women, who would have thought it. I have 3 sons 14. 12, and 7 they all hunt with me. We just started hunting varmints last year and really enjoy it. Have always hunted Deer, Elk and now that my boys are old enough we have a blast. Wish all a good season.


Welcome aboard Rick, make yourself at home.
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    Hey guys,im back.My puter has been down for a couple of weeks.
    My name is Jason Adkins.Im 28 years old.Im from south eastern Ohio.I have been hunting since i was 7 years old.I started hunting coyote about a year ago,and im now addicted.I like to catfish and shoot groundhogs in the summer,although groundhogs are getting kinda scarse thease days.
   I have a wife and two sons.Me and my wife been togather 7 years but only married for three.My two sons are one year old and six years old.Maverick is the youngest,and Dillon is the oldest.
   I work at a kitchen cabnet factory.I have been there for almost nine years.Most people ask if i like it there.The answer is no but it pays the bills.I have never had a job that i liked.I guess thats why it is called work.Well i guss that is pretty much it.I hope you guys enjoy this site as much as i do.


Hi everyone,my name is J.W. Gross I am 26.I was born in AZ lived there all my life except the last 4 years I now live in OK
I love to hunt and fish and I also build calls. mostly predator calls.
I have been married 4 years now and my first little one will be here in January,cant wait till shes here.


Hi,my name is Joel Austin..and I'm an.................................oops,wrong group!  :nofgr:                                                   I   live in south central Ky.Just started gettin interested in coyotes the past year or so,never had anyone in the family that hunted,too busy working,so I'm just winging it on my own.I was a trucker until Jan of 05 when I screwed up my back,had two surgeries,now I have entirly toooo much time on my hands!  :rolleye:
    I enjoy learning about coyote hunting from these guys on here and hopfully will be able to meet more come this Feb.The ones I have met are Grade A folks.And I think the ones I havent will turn out to be too........well maybe not the round one from Crossville   :confused: Just kidding,looking forward to meeting all the rest of you.   :congrats:
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Welcome to the site JW.
Make yourself at home, just dont drink the water. Were workin on that.  :innocentwhistle:
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The round one from Crossville.......... :confused:
I thought I was the only guy on here from Crossville..........oh you mean Coyotehunter_1....he's originally from Crossville....... :eyebrownod:

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Born on a mountain top in Tennessee….  :laf:

Like my 'ol hunting partner said, I was born in Crossville.  Now my wife and I live about thirty miles east of my birthplace. My moniker is coyotehunter_1 but some call me Chet Parsons. My ancestors have been hunters and trappers since the days of the first dinosaurs, I feel quite lucky to be a small fraction of such a legacy. Being born at a very early age, it was some time before I was able to follow my father and grandfathers into the field. At age five or so my dad started taking me along on rabbit or quail hunts. Forty five years later we still look forward to our trips together. Over my lifetime a variety of game has come into my sights, from small critters to larger whitetail deer and wild boar. I started using hand calls for calling fox and bobcats back in the late 60’s. It was in the winter of ‘73 that I called in and killed my first coyote. A captivating experience!  An incurable fever also overcame me that day.... a fervor from one of the craftiest of animals.  For the past three decades the vast majority of my time in the field has been dedicated to hunting coyotes.  :biggrin:

Please visit our ol' buddies over at: http://www.easterncoyotes.com

Born and raised in the southern highlands of Appalachia, I'm just an ol' country boy who enjoys calling coyotes... nothing more, nothing less.


Just joined, had a hard time doing so. I'm not very computer savey, so don't be to hard on me.
A little about me- 59, from Western New York, new to yote hunting so I'm looking to learn more about that. Learned about this site from Al at THO. Married 31 years,three children,2 daughters, 1 son(doesn't share my passion for hunting) 4 grandchildren- three girls, one grandson.(he goes hunting w/ Grampy when he's not playing soccer which is most of the time)
1der- Mike Wunder