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Hawks Feather:
We ended up with an additional 12 inches of snow the past two days.  The wind had gusts over 40 mph which caused drifting - in my driveway.  I really need a two stage snow blower because I had to clear a path and then break off the top of the drift to get the blower through.  Cleared 8 other neighbor's sidewalks with 6 being fairly easy for the blower and 2 being worse than my driveway.  12 inches probably doesn't seem like much to many of you further north or in higher elevations, but it is the most we have had at one time in several years.  Started at 9 degrees and it is now up to a nice warm 14 degrees. It took me a little over 3 hours and it is now time for a nice relaxing hot shower. 

I feel your pain. Some those places down there aren't prepared for that kinda snow fall. I feel like I'm not prepared for our blizzards.
On the bright side... spring is just around the corner. I think

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11 inches here. Used an old snow blower some guy threw away for scrap. Cleaned the points new spark plug and started on the second pull. Half hour later and my driveway, walkway and a path to the wood burner all cleared so I'm not trudging through the snow.

Todd Rahm:
I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore!!!!  :nono:

We fell short of that much Jerry. 7" at the very most. We had a good snow early then it turned to rain & ice pellets. Left us with 3/4" of soft crust on top of 3 or so inches of previous snow. It cleared easily with an 8" wide steel shovel. Broke it right up. Then went back with the snow shovel & cleaned it right up. I had us clear & the neightbor Lady cleared in what seemed like 2 1/2 hours. We got VERY lucky compared to the other what,, 150 million people elsewhere. I feel bad for those folks.


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