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I see some new names joining, and thought it might be a good idea for every one to tell us a little about your self and were your from. We can keep this pinned at the top for all the new members to add there's to when they join.

So, tell us......How long you been Calling, were your from, and anything else you want! Maybe a little bio on yourself?


Hi, my name is James Holbrook and I'm a FinsandFuraholic.  :eyebrownod:

Anyway, I'm 37 years old. Been hunting ever since I can remember. Started coyote hunting about 7 years ago....I think. :confused:
I've been with the same lady for 12 years.....married 10 of them. I have two little ones.
My girl is 9 and thinks she is little boy just turned 5 and is really wanting to coyote hunt bad.
I work at a Porcelain Tile Factory. I'm a supervisor over two departments there.

My life sounds mundane, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is good. I enjoy the small victories in life and the simple pleasures. I have an overactive sense of humor, but hope I never hurt your feelings, if I do, just let me know. I might apologize.  :eyebrownod:

I was born and spent my childhood in Nebraska. Lived awhile in Kansas and Wyoming as well. God saw fit to send me to Tennessee and I've been here ever since.

That's about it. :innocentwhistle:

Dan Carey:
Hello, My name is Dan Carey (whodathunkit)
I'm retired, I was a business owner until 2004 when someone made me an offer I couldn't resist. I was born in AZ, grew up in southwestern NM where I went to grade school, high school and college. I now live in both AZ and NM as I have a home in both. AZ for the winter months and a home in the mountains of southwestern NM when its too hot handle AZ.

I hunt everything I can get drawn for. I also go to Wyoming and Montana every summer to shoot dogs. I've hunted in Alaska for brown bears and Newfoundland for Moose. I hunt Varmints constantly, both in AZ and NM. I can do a little trapping in NM in the winter if I feel like putting up with the cold weather.

I shoot bench rest both short (100-300) and long range (1000). I'm fortunate enough to be able build my guns, both BR and sporting. I don't however, solicit work.

My favorite caliber is 223 Remington on Remington action I have rifles from a 17 MACH IV to a 375 H&H, about 50 different rifles. Hand guns from 22 RF to 454 casull.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Well lets see,
My real nick name is Bear. Been called that sense I was 16. Most people don't even know my real name. I have lived in Indiana all my life. Started hunting when I was old enough to walk around in the weeds with my dad when we would go rabbit hunting. Sense then I hunt about anything you can hunt in Indiana except turkey. Give me time on the turkey tho. I jsut have gotten bitten by the predator calling bug. So give me a little time to get me one that I have actually called in.

I work as an industrial maintenance tech been doing that for about 18 years.

My hobbiers include motorcycles, making indian bead work, knive making "but not as much anymore", hunitng, fishing, reading, wrighting short sci-fi stories, photography and a few other things.

I have two daughters ages 9 and 16, been married and will most likely not do anything crazy like that again.

I have for years wanted to reload and now with the new job I have I shoudl be able to afford to get me the equipment I need to start following that passion.

Well thats pretty much me in a nut shell. Nothing fancy just me :shrug:


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