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... once again. For "hardwater" fishing

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Enjoy yourself, but be careful of thin or rotten ice.

Hawks Feather:
How long have you had freezing weather up there?  It sure seems early to me.

It was dreadfully cold for quite some time back in late November / early December. Thats actually when all the river ice was formed.
But after that it pissed around with sunny and 30 degree days which really ate at the ice. There's only about 2.5 inches under me in that clip and it took me a few hours to find ice THAT good.
Everything I checked prior to that my spud bar would punch through on the first drop.  :holdon:

Today it hit 45 with 45 mph winds so the ice became razor thin  It's like a roller coaster..because now tonight it's going to get down to 6 degrees. Which will make more ice  :eyebrow:

Nice perch!


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