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A glimpse of 2020

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Hawks Feather:
That glimpse of 2020 is much better than my memories of 2020.  Glad you could get out and enjoy it.

Jim, you had a lot better year than most folks, any way you slice it.  Bravo!  May 2021 be even better.

Loved the close up of the bass jumping.  How did you do that other than luck?  Also, that may be the first time I have liked the music with an outdoor video.  Double bravo!

Great video Jim. I may have to go up this spring and harass ya a bit

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Theres a lot luck involved Clyde. It actually depends on what the fish wants to do. I have my GoPro positioned over my shoulder the entire time. It's turned on but it isn't doing anything except listening for voice commands. Once I feel a tap on my cast I tell the GoPro to start recording. When I land the fish I tell it to stop recording. If it turns out to be nothing, so be it. If it turns out to be something I keep it. At the end of the day I review all the footage. The best part about the GoPro is it records at such crystal clear high resolution that I can go through any short video clip and pull a "still" out of it that makes it look like an amazing photograph. I didn't take that photo, none of the photos. They're just "stills" from the high resolution video.
The clip of the fish jumping with the lure in its mouth was actually several yards away. But with the high resolution recording. I think I did that on 4K instead of 2.7 k it gives you the capability of zooming in and still getting clear images. That's how I pulled that one out. You can tell I was pushing the limits because that should have been a crystal clear clip and it was actually just starting to pixelate. Cuz it was a long ways off.
Did I mention I love my GoPro

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