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Non Hunting/Fishing Photos / Re: Sunset addiction
Last post by Hawks Feather - Yesterday at 07:07:18 PM
Looks nice and good footage. I think you need a new drone and you could just give me that old one. 😉
Non Hunting/Fishing Photos / Re: Sunset addiction
Last post by FinsnFur - Yesterday at 06:57:44 PM
The DJI doin what it does best. I love this video. The only thing that would have made it better was if when I stopped I would have lifted high enough to see the sun over those hilltops. I wish I would have done that. I'm still learning this LOL

The Tailgate / Re: Meme of the Day
Last post by JohnP - Yesterday at 10:42:47 AM
The Tailgate / Today in history 8-18
Last post by remrogers - Yesterday at 09:34:23 AM
August 18
Yangtze River peaks in China

On August 18, 1931, the Yangtze River in China peaks during a horrible flood that kills 3.7 million people directly and indirectly over the next several months. This was perhaps the worst natural disaster of the 20th century.

The Yangtze River runs through southern China, one of the most populated areas on Earth. The region's people, most of whom lived at subsistence level, depended on the river for water for their personal and farming needs. In April, the river-basin area received far-above-average rainfall. When torrential rains came again in July, the stage was set for disaster. The Yangtze flooded over a 500-square-mile area. The rising waters drove 500,000 people from their homes by the beginning of August.

As the waters continued to rise in the first half of August and even more rain fell, the rice fields that dominated the landscape were swamped, destroying the crop. Major cities such as Wuhan and Nanjing depended on this rice and, without it, people in the cities starved to death. In addition, typhoid and dysentery were rampant due to the polluted river. The millions who died from this flood perished from starvation and disease, many after the flood waters had receded.

Much of the disaster may have been averted if flood-control measures had been followed closely. The Yangtze carries large amounts of sediment, which accumulates in certain areas of the river and must be cleared regularly. However, with much of the area's resources devoted to civil war at the time, the river was neglected.
The Tailgate / Re: Tip of the day
Last post by bambam - August 17, 2022, 06:21:51 PM
You may juggle human laws , you may fool with human courts, but there is a judgement to come, and from it there is NO appeal. Orin Philip Gifford.
The Tailgate / Today in history 8-17
Last post by remrogers - August 17, 2022, 10:51:46 AM
August 17
Rudolf Hess, Hitler's last living henchman, dies

Rudolf Hess, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's former deputy, is found strangled to death in Spandau Prison in Berlin at the age of 93, apparently the victim of suicide. Hess was the last surviving member of Hitler's inner circle and the sole prisoner at Spandau since 1966.

Hess, an early and devoted follower of Nazism, participated in Hitler's failed "Beer Hall Putsch" in 1923. He escaped to Austria but voluntarily returned to Germany to join Hitler in Landsberg jail. During his eight months in prison, Hitler dictated his life story—Mein Kampf—to Hess. In 1933, Hess became deputy Nazi party leader, but Hitler later lost faith in his leadership ability and made him second in the line of succession after Hermann Goering.

In May 1941, Hess stole an airplane and landed it in Scotland on a self-styled mission to negotiate a peace between Britain and Germany. He was immediately arrested by British authorities. His peace proposal—met with no response from the British—was essentially the same as the peace offer made by Hitler in July 1940: an end to hostilities with Britain and its empire in exchange for a free German hand on the European continent. However, by May 1941 the Battle of Britain had been lost by Germany, and Hitler rightly condemned Hess of suffering from "pacifist delusions" in thinking that a resurgent Britain would make peace.

Held in Britain until the end of the war, Hess was tried at Nuremberg after the war with other top Nazis. Because he had missed out on the worst years of Nazi atrocities and had sought peace in 1941, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was held in Spandau Prison in Berlin, and the USSR, the United States, Britain and France shared responsibility in guarding him.

On August 17, 1987, he was found strangled to death in a cabin in the exercise yard at Spandau Prison. Apparently, he choked himself to death with an electrical cord he found there. Some suspected foul play.
Betty Crocker / Re: Salmon
Last post by JohnP - August 17, 2022, 10:19:23 AM
Quote from: nastygunz on August 17, 2022, 12:04:57 AMI just grilled a magnificent ribeye steak tonight nothing but salt and a dusting of garlic powder that's how I roll :yoyo:

The Tailgate / Re: Meme of the Day
Last post by JohnP - August 17, 2022, 10:15:02 AM
Betty Crocker / Re: Salmon
Last post by nastygunz - August 17, 2022, 12:04:57 AM
I just grilled a magnificent ribeye steak tonight nothing but salt and a dusting of garlic powder that's how I roll :yoyo:
The Tailgate / Re: Meme of the Day
Last post by bambam - August 16, 2022, 08:45:57 PM
At the risk of sounding sexist, I won't say what I want to say. 1 of those 3 might actually be a woman.