Another pr of Reds

Started by 1snafu, June 26, 2022, 12:03:57 PM

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You guessed it, wind at their backside. This pr is laying out around 300yrds away. Stupid Reds


I see maybe 3 Reds a year around here.
I say what I think not think what I say.


Back in the early-mid 60's. We would see 1-6 Reds any given day. Then the coyotes moved in & things changed. Had a pr cross the road in front of Dad & I circa Winter 1968. One was dusky black the other one was splotch colored like a pinto horse. Never seen another red like the splotch colored one. Both were beautiful. I did see 1 more dusky black over the following decades. Very rare

The past 2 Winters I seen more reds than coyotes. Coyote pop has been decimated over the last decade or more. Each yr less & less coyote sightings. I drive 40-60+ miles each hunt, sometimes into 100+ miles. I hunt most every day from post Harvest/mid October until late Feb.


Lots of "dusky" foxes near Dease Lake, British Columbia, various shades of grey and some black ones, more than red ones.  I saw one jet black fox near Kelowna, BC and 40 years ago saw a black one with a red one on the Olympic Peninsula of WA state.  Have never seen a fox of any  color on the Peninsula since then.  There used to be a fox farm fur operation near where we saw that pair, and some locals told me that I saw what they called a silver fox from the farm (all black) along with a natural red one.  Dunno much about foxes. 


Well I can't prove either way. That pr of Reds did or did not escape from a fur farm. Only fur farm I knew of back then. Was around 20 miles NorWest of where that pr was seen. Regardless, I believe that pr were litter mates. Reds around here are more orangish red than red. I have seen only 2 cherry dark Reds in my life. Most beautiful fur coloration.