Wind at it's back side

Started by 1snafu, July 11, 2022, 10:42:34 AM

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Thanks for the posting help. I'm not sure why it wouldn't post.

I post bedded canine pics. To mainly illustrate they have the wind at their backside.  I believe a hunter may get away with walking into an area of flat land w/groundcover. With the (wind in his/her face). However, on hilly terrain, any self respecting coyote up ahead of that hunter. Stands an excellent chance of being busted from long range. As "most" bedded down coyotes & Red Fox will face an angled down wind direction.

I have after spotting a sleeper from long range. Stalked in from a down-wind angle. Only because I could not gain access to other adjoining land. When I do stalk in with the wind in my face on hilly terrain. I use whatever hills & or ground cover. To conceal me in the way in. Coyotes specifically are very light sleepers. I consider them as "resting" vs actually sleeping. Because often while bedded down. They will raise their head & pan around 180+. Transient/nomadic coyotes will often pan 360. It's as IF...they are expecting some hunter wanting to put the thump on them. I've stalked many a hundreds of them. Easier said than done. If a hunter expects to get within shotgun range.

Closest I've been to a sleeper coyote was less than 50'(maybe 30ish?). Red Fox around 10'. Both bedded down on deep fluff snow.


In a perfect World. Whether I'm stalking in on a sleeper or walking in an area to call. I prefer the 10:00 or 2:00 angle. Because that puts me cross-wind & angled up-wind from the sleeper or where I believe a coyote may be. The only hurdle I need to overcome then is, not being heard.

I do not underestimate a coyotes hearing ability. As it is top of the line imo. So whether calling or stalking. I stealth in slow & step lightly. Watching/listening to each foot step before putting my whole body weight on that step. I take no chances of being heard. Over cautious I suppose to some of you? But I strive not being heard. I've taken a few callers spot/stalking & they tromp into an area like cattle heading towards a feeder. They remain clueless about the coyotes abilities. Duh


In 2009 I posted a parrallel story about a stalk on 3 mule deer that were bedded in a stubble field with backs to wind while they watched in front of them downwind. Link to that story below, first posted Sept. 27, 2009

 The young bowhunter did the best stalk I've ever seen in my life and killed a big 5x7 mule deer buck at 11 yards.



Whitetails also do it here in my hunt area. A hunter can learn an edge on a critter just by observing.


I know a few callers in my area. Both subscribe walking into an area with the wind in their face. On hilly terrain that is a fools game. Soon as they breach the last hill between them & a canine up ahead on the next hillside. Game over

Dumbassery begats dumbassery. Stupid whipper snappers. haha