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Started by Hawks Feather, July 31, 2022, 03:22:22 PM

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Hawks Feather

Becky and I were able to spend a few days in the UP of Michigan. The weather cooperated (only rained at night and early morning), No strong winds for the boat trip, and I found a place I would love to shoot senior pictures. The only problem with the senior pictures is that it is a 16 hour round trip. 🥲


There's no place like home. Nice pictures.
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Wow. Beautiful shots. You shoulda took my drone with too :biggrin:
That rock wall on the water looks a lot like the Wisconsin River.
Glad to hear you guys are enjoying yourselves. Thanks for the pics.
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Great pics of gorgeous country.  Man it makes me want to visit, which is not likely any more.  Thanks for letting us see it.

In the second waterfall pic, why is the water stained in that one streak toward the left side? I suppose it is iron coloring the water in that country, but why the narrow streak?  Is there a brown water spring or creek that runs into the river just above that spot on the waterfall?


Hawks Feather


That is Tahquamenon Falls in a state park in Paradise, MI. The color comes from tannins leached form the cedar swamps that are up stream. The falls is nicknamed 'Root Beer Falls' due to the color. The first pic is of the lower falls and the second the upper falls. The lower is more of a cascade while the upper is (to me) a true falls.