When does your summer season end?

Started by Bob D, July 27, 2006, 06:45:04 PM

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Bob D

 I know most everybody has been scorched with high temperatures this week. Some of you aren't used to this hot weather. Down here in Alabama summer seems to never go away. We get some cooler ( md 80 's) weather around the second week in October. When do your summers end?


It should start cooling off here in Sept, we will get some cooler nights and mornings. But in the last few years its been Oct before the weather cooled off during the day and late Oct before we get a frost.

A few years ago I hunted in deer gun season....first week of Dec in a long sleeve shirt...lol

The weather here has been real weard the last few years, not much snow and alot warmer temps!


Brad H

I know we don't get it nearly bad as the south does as far as hot temps.

It seems to me like summer ends when August ends. It gradually get cooler from that point on.



I'm with Brad...usually but not always things trend downward after August.

This heat wave is just unbelievable though, for us anyway. Had to set trusses all day, and got to the point I couldn't even sweat anymore....feels like my brains turned in stink bait mush.
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I don't know when it's going to end this year in Missouri, all I know is that I dove hunted all last september and did the early october doe hunt last year in shorts and a t-shirt.  Hope it cools down a little sooner this year, I would really like to see atleast a couple of weeks of GOOD snow this year.