Sniper Styx Drawing #3

Started by FinsnFur, July 22, 2006, 05:53:58 PM

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Ric223 did the drawing and and filmed it this time, but he's having trouble sending me the file, so we'll get that posted tomorrow for ya.
But!...the third set of Styx goes to BobDickson lll  :congrats: Congrats Bob, and thanks for participating in the site.

PM me your mailing address and I'll get those shipped out to ya.

The 4th pair of Styx will be drawed from the following members;

  • *THO Game Calls
  • *posiedon
  • *Tikaani
  • *stoney15
  • *Dogwood Creek
  • *Robert L
  • *JesseB
  • *Lazy D
  • *DJ
  • *5 SHOTS

Good luck!
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Congrats BobDickson III ! :yoyo:  Radd4, looks like his luck was even better.


Basshole (I can't believe I get to say that) I guess I am going to have to keep adding pennies to the penny jar so I can get me a set. Sorry you and I lost, but at least we lost to a good guy you know.

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Bob,congrats.Good shooting with your new sticks.take care,daveyboy :eyebrownod:


BASSHOLE and RADD....whats up!
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Bob D

Thanks for drawing my name. I will enjoy those shooting sticks. Hopefully it will increase my hitting percentage.