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Muck boots

Started by Frogman, February 16, 2008, 11:13:32 PM

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At LBL this year Mike and Donnie from PA, who hunted with wv_yoter and I, had these neat rubber boots that they could walk right through the mud and everything with.  I'm not sure what brand they were, but when I got home I started looking for a similar pair.  I'm sure most of you already know about these type boots but I wanted to let you know about the ones I got.  I went to the local Tractor Supply store and found these for $99.95:

They are called Muck Boots:

I had several concerns about them.  Would they be comfortable?  Would they keep my feet warm?  Would they eat my socks?  Would my feet sweat in them?  Would they be too heavy to walk far in for a day of coyote hunting?  :confused:

HaMeR was planning on coming to WV to hunt bobcats for a few days so I knew I would have a good opportunity to try a pair out.  The weather was predicted to be cold in the mornings and warmer in the afternoons with a wintery mix of snow and rain.  SLUSH!! 

I wore these boots bobcat hunting for 2 1/2 days in temperatures from 15 degrees to 41 degrees.  I wore them in snow, slush and muddy haul roads.  I even forded a stream about a foot deep with them four times.

They worked great.  I still like my Rockys for dry weather, but these Muck boots are the cat's meow for wet, muddy, slushy walking.  :yoyo:

They were very comfortable to walk in.  I wore them for the full day on two days and we did several stands that were widely separated.  Lots of walking.  No problem!  My Rocky's are a little more comfortable, but I had problems with mud sticking to the Rockys in LBL.  Didn't happen with the Mucks.   :highclap:

My feet stayed warm even in 15 degree weather.  I never even thought about my feet getting cold.   :nofgr:

They did not eat my socks.  I wore two pair of wool socks the first day and a half when it was coldest.  I normally wear size 8 1/2 the Mucks are size 9 so I would have room for two pair of socks.  On the last day it was warmer so I tried a pair of very thin polypro sweat wicker socks with a pair of wool socks over them.  No problems with the boots eating my socks with either combination.   :congrats:

My feet did sweat in them.  On the full days we were out my feet did sweat some, but they still did not get cold.  On the box it says to turn the tops down so your feet can breath better:   :madd:

I wore them for two full days of hunting and they were quite comfortable.  Not too heavy.  Probably not quite as comfortable as my Rockys.  Muck boots are for those wet, muddy, slushy days.   :yoyo:

I have heard that these type boots also cut down on the amount of scent you leave in your trail.  Don't know about that??  :confused:

They are fully insulated with rubber bottoms and neoprene uppers. They did not leak at all when I forded a stream that was about a foot deep.  My Rockys would have been too low for that.  Mud seems to not stick to these boots as it does to my Rockys.   ;yes;

Muck boots are keepers.  It is nice when you purchase something that works well for you.  So far I am convinced that these boots will see lots of service.  I am happy with them. :congrats:

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Excellent write up!! Thanks for taking the time. I don't have these, but will definitely be lookin at them down the road. Cozy toes rates high for me these days  ;yes;
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Todd Rahm

They can't keep them in stock in Alaska these days. Seems they are becoming a hot item with the snow machiners. I expressed the same concerns as you, but a few fellas assured me that I didn't need to worry about them, to include the cold feet. I really didn't want to buy something, get a hundred miles out on my machine and find out they weren't warm enough.

The last guy talked to, came in and bought a pair because his machine went through some over flow at -10, and his feet got a bit cold.  :biggrin:

So needless to say, I got my name on the list for when they get more in.  :wink:


'bout time you guys got w/ the program!  :sarcas3:

I have the uninsulated & have no problems w/ cold feet.
Plus they come in camo patterns too.  If I remember right there is a steel-toed verison as well.

Love my Mucks!  :thumb2:


I have a pair just like them and a pair of uninsulated and LOVE them.  I really like being able to roll the tops down for easy on and off.


Think I might have to go to TSC and get me a pair. Thanks for the info Frogman.


frogman i almost bought a pair of muck boots but i bought the lacross rubber boots, because if u wear them around stickers and thorns they will tear n rip just like neopren waders, one of my other buds have a pair n told me that, but he said other then that he liked them. I am always around stickers when i hunt so i got the rubbers.  Just my opion


I was just about to post trappin john has a pair of these and after seeing his I want a pair.  I have a pair of waterproof rocky boots that I love and have held up for me for three years.  but in the winter they are no insulated and toes get cold quick.  looking to get a set here within the year.  but I found em cheaper at a local feed store.  I believe they had em for 65.00. 
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make sure u get the woody max they r the warmest


I went out to do a few stands on Wed. afternoon 11/19/08.  There were a couple inches of snow still on the ground and the temp was 29 degrees.  I knew I would have to climb a substantial hill to get to my first stand.  Which boots to wear???  The Rocky's or the Muck boots.  I opted for the Muck boots.  Good choice.  I had forgotten how nice these boots are.  No problems climbing the hill in the snow, my feet stayed toasty warm all afternoon.  Didn't sweat, didn't eat my socks, didn't leak.  If it's much warmer I think the Rocky's would be better, but when it's really cold you just can't beat the Muck boots!

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I have the steel toe Mucks and they are great but by the end of the week I notice they don't dry quite as fast as my feet sweat. As far as the stickers go, I just pull my pants legs down over the outside of the boot tops, sucks later when you take them off but no sticker problems and no need for camo boots.
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I agree Muck boots are great :yoyo: I use the Woody Max and they are way more comfortable and lighter than my Rocky's or Redhead knee boots.

I believe the woody Max are rated for -40 to 60degrees. They are to hot to wear for anything over 40 degrees but anything below that they my favorite to wear.



I went hunting on Friday morning 1/20/12.  Temperature was 15 degrees.  I wore my Muck boots for the first time in a while.  We hunted all day and did a lot of walking.  Temperature didn't get above about 28.  My feet never got cold.  I had forgotten how nice these boots are in cold weather.  Didn't get any coyotes, but my feet were comfortable!!


You can't kill 'em from the recliner!!


Here's another thumbs up  :thumb2:  for Woody Max Muck boots.   I used to wear Northerners or LaCrosse but the Muck boots are far more comfortable.  I went to Muck boots after this thread came out and based on CCP's recommendation.   Glad I did.  Thanks Frogman.

I also use a Peet boot dryer after each hunt.  No more cold clammy boots!


I may have to try em out.  I got a pair of Cabelas 1200gr insulated ones this past fall, but they aren't faring too well walking through briars.  If the mucks are the same height as my ankle fit 1200's, I'm switching over (I need em high enough to get accross the shallow parts of a large creek/stream out back).  Thanks for the write-up.


I don't think the Muck boots will hold up well in briar thickets.  The upper part of the boot is neoprene and will probably shred.   For that reason I don't wear Mucks while rabbit hunting.


Dave, I believe the Muck boots are only 16" high?  The Cabelas boots are 18" high. I compared them.  Having crossed the creek you mentioned a few times myself, I chose to error on the side of caution and went with the taller boots.  :laf: Of course I always watch your boot tops as you lead the way across the creek...Just in case you exceed the limit.. I can beat a hasty (albeit dry) retreat!  :whew: :alscalls:


Quote from: Semp on February 06, 2012, 10:26:25 AM
I don't think the Muck boots will hold up well in briar thickets.  The upper part of the boot is neoprene and will probably shred. 
And Dave, you'd better stay at least an arms length away when crossing with me, because I'm of italian decent and if my ship starts going down I'm scrambling for the nearest safety boat.


Aye, Aye Captian!  I remember the last time we were in a boat on a icy January day! It was Tom's maiden fox hunt voyage.  Ol Tom did not fare so well :alscalls: The Captain and his crew (me) abandoned ship.  Fortunately, we were able to get a good laugh out of it at Tom's expense.  Come to think of it?  Tom's never been back out fox hunting with us? :confused:


Quote from: Dave on February 06, 2012, 12:32:12 PM
And Dave, you'd better stay at least an arms length away when crossing with me, because I'm of italian decent and if my ship starts going down I'm scrambling for the nearest safety boat.

:alscalls: ROFLMAO

Wut?? :shrug:
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