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Family traditions

Started by 1snafu, May 27, 2024, 06:35:30 AM

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Our Dad got me into hunting fox & coyotes circa; 1964. I quickly become addicted to predator hunting. Not only that, but I got to spend quality time with our dad. I took my son predator hunting a few times when he was 14. On our last hunt I could tell he had zero interest in hunting in general. I asked him on our last hunt. You aren't interested are you in hunting with me? He said, to tell you the truth. I only hunted with you. Because I felt sorry for you". I told him that's ok. I thought you might be interested in passing on the tradition. He said, he wasn't. So we never hunted together again.

He is 46 now. Todays youth are different as to their Dad's interests it seems. Seems a shame to me. How time has changed the mindset of young men today. Versus back in the old days. Where many young men wanted to be like their dad. Or at a minimum, just spend some time with dad. You know, quality time one on one.


I can definitely relate to that.
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I see this happening all of the time and I don't understand it.



I applaud you for not making him go hunting.  I see many times in sports or even something like scouts kids stay in it to please their parents.  then the parent lives threw their kids experiences.  I do not believe that to be the case here. 

but keep offering.  because you never know one day he might be interested again.  My brother in law used to hunt a lot back when he was a kid.  he got married to a hell bitch and after 7 years and two kids later he separated from his wife found a girl that is more his speed.  his dad my FIL is an avid archer.  the other night at sunday dinner he expressed interest in hunting again and shooting as well. 

so maybe he doesn't like predator hunting but a lot of kids now a days are interested in providing for their family and table.  so maybe he will go small game hunting or even big game. 
"If you want to know all about a man, go camping with him. Probably you think you know him already, but if you have never camped on the trail with him, you do not". Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock. Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper.


I have a nephew who has never hunted but he loves to shoot.