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The Tapatalk developers and have released an upgrade, and I upgraded our Tapatalk script this morning.
The changelog includes the following;

    *Add new type of tag and quote push.
    *Add push key setting in tapatalk settings.
    *Advanced search support
    *Add custom sub-forum icon to show on Tapatalk.
    *Optimize plugin entry interface in browser.
    *Optimize push feature.
    *Support all SMF native bbcodes.
    *Fix some little bugs.

If anyone has any problems, let me know.

 :confused: Well I have no idea what that stuff even means...I'm just glad my SMF native bbcodes are supported  :eyebrownod:

I actually got a Tapatalk PM on my cell phone telling me you had upraded the forum.

I got the same notice on my phone. 

I sent that from inside the Tapatalk Control Panel when I was done.
I figured if the upgrade boogered anything for anyone, you'd at least know that some changes had been made so you could get in touch with me before whipping your phones. :biggrin:


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