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Started by Dave, November 26, 2013, 04:52:50 PM

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Actually they are just stripers with one "p," but you might as well finish reading the post.

Two friends and I were able to fish last week and got into a few stripers.
Got there pre dawn and fished to about 8/8:30 with no hits, runs, or errors.
My friend has a beach pass so we decided to drive down the beach 'til wee saw some sign of fish being caught.
Island Beach state park is about 11 miles long, so after a few miles we saw a few guys with fish on.  Pulled over, sharpened up our elbows and created a spot.

It wasn't quite like first day of trout, but it was pretty busy for a Thursday morning.  Obviously we weren't the only ones that received a good report.

THis is looking North

and south

And east - there were a lot of boats right off this part of the beach - figured they must be on the school

Whatever I was doing, it was right.  I hooked up right away.  Had to throw him back as the bass have to be 28"+  to keep.
Probably 5 or six casts later I was on again, this one just 28," so I walked up to the truck (about 30 yes away!!!) and threw him in the cooler.
Walk back down and first cast got slammed on the drop (if you look at the ocean pic above, I was able to cast to the second breaking wave).  He was a little better - maybe 34 or 35".  Back to cooler.  I managed one more short and then everything turned off.  Probably saw a few dozen caught during that time span.  We drove the rest of the beach looking for another school to slip in through a cut in the sandbar, but the main body of fish were about 1/4 mile offshore. 
Anyway, it was nice to have some fresh fish on the menu.


Man that looms like fun.

Thanks for taking us along
Don't bring shame to our sport.

He died for dipshits too.


Excellent write-up Dave!
Take your kids hunting and you won't have to hunt your kids!

Hawks Feather

I enjoyed reading about your adventure that involved a pole and a stripper (your word, not mine).  I think your wife is much more understanding than mine would be should I try such an endeavor.  I am sure that she would think that I would get shagged snagged with that many people on the beach.



good story and some nice fish... I used to fish IBSP a lot when I lived up north, got into a couple of those blitzes, and a couple with the blues too...
when you step out of the truck you become part of the food chain...


Holy crap those are some serious stripers, compared to what we pull out of the Mississippi!
Look like fun. Reminds of when I lived on the shores of Lake Michigan though.
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Good story and nice pictures.  However we are now ready to see the strippers.
When they come for mine they better bring theirs