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Were moving to a newer server girls :readthis:
Our current one is getting old and outdated. Developers will only support the servers software for another year. So instead of waiting around I've had the Datacenter  build us a more up to date server with the newer software and processors.
Shes finished and were going to start the migration to the new server tonight at midnight CST. :eyebrow:
The last syncing will be at midnight, so there is a small chance that if you post between the time were syncing the data on this server and the time we get it to the new server, your post could get left behind. You should all be in bed anyway right? :innocentwhistle: :laf:

YEP!! We're all in bed Jim!!  :alscalls: :alscalls:

Shhhhhhhh :sleep2:

 :yahoo: :yahoo: :jump: :jump: :dance: :dance: :yahoo: :yahoo:   

 :hellyeah: :hellyeah:

Sorry!!  :nono: :nono:

Hawks Feather:
Hey, I finally am awake.  Did anything happen while I was sleeping?



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