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 Can you guess who that strapping and uncommonly handsome young lad is flexing the python in that picture?  :innocentwhistle:

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Thems scallops all over the deck, what was called the shitpile,  we had to pick through the whole thing picking all the legal size scallops and then shoveling everything else back overboard.  Brutal work, we used to work seven hours on seven hours off 24 seven for about 15 days every trip

strapping :laf: :laf:

And uncommonly handsome😇😂 :innocentwhistle: :yoyo:


--- Quote from: nastygunz on August 27, 2018, 08:57:33 PM ---And uncommonly handsome😇😂 :innocentwhistle: :yoyo:

--- End quote ---

Thou shall not lie is one of the Ten Commandments - is it not?


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