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Salmon yesterday

Started by Okanagan, July 18, 2019, 09:54:48 AM

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18 lb. king (Chinook) salmon I caught yesterday near Port Angeles, WA.  This fish was one of a double my fishing partner and I hooked within 5-10 seconds.  We both thought that we were tangled in the same fish for awhile, but it was two matching sized salmon. 

We hooked ten salmon yesterday, landed 8, kept a limit of four hatchery fish as indicated by a clipped adipose fin, and released four wild fish.  On our double, one was clipped, the other not.  I suspect that those identical fish had been together from their start, but one missed getting his fin clipped.  We released him.  The largest fish of the day looked to be a little over 20, an unclipped wild and we released him.   

Day before yesterday fishing with two cousins farther west, they landed keepers of 30 and 21 lbs. and I lost two.  I've been fighting some kind of weird ailment and could barely hobble to the boat, broke the lens on my phone camera and this is the only pic I've got, texted to me by my partner.

Been looking up new salmon recipes this morning...

Hawks Feather

Looks like good eating!!!


Hope ya figure out the walking problem and can keep posting pics like this.
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